Application Process

Applications are accepted via the Electronic Residency Application System (ERAS). All positions are filled through the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP).

Hillsboro Medical Center greatly values diversity and is committed to promoting a culture of equity and inclusion. We encourage applications from people from diverse backgrounds, including those who have traditionally been under-represented in healthcare.  We conduct a holistic review of all applications and value a breadth of experience.

Application Requirements

  • Common Application Form
  • Dean’s Letter/MSPE
  • Medical school transcript
  • USMLE and/or COMLEX transcripts (Steps 1, 2, CK)
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation
  • Personal Statement

Applicants must also meet all eligibility criteria for appointment at OHSU as outlined by the office of Graduate Medical Education.

Applicants from medical schools outside the U.S. or Canada must be ECFMG certified by the NRMP ranking deadline (February), or by June in the year they graduate. International Medical Graduates must have substantial recent clinical experience in the U.S. (or equivalent) and must have graduated within the preceding 2 years.

How to Apply

There are two ways to join our program: (1) a traditional application/match process and (2) a joint match with one of our partner programs at OHSU: Anesthesiology and Diagnostic Radiology. Candidates applying to a joint match can also apply and be eligible for the traditional (non-joint) match.

#1599999P1 – Transitional Year General Track:

To apply for the traditional (non-joint) match, candidates should submit all required materials to the “Transitional Year” track in ERAS and rank using the Transitional Year NRMP number (1599999P1).

#1599999P0 – Transitional Year/Diagnostic Radiology Track

To apply for a joint match with OHSU Diagnostic Radiology, candidates should submit all required materials to the “OHSU Transitional Year/Radiology” track in ERAS. Candidates are eligible to also apply to the general (non-joint) match.

When submitting your rank list,  use the specific TY/Radiology NRMP number (1599999P0) in your supplemental rank list.

#1599999P2 – Transitional Year/Anesthesiology Track

To apply for a joint match with OHSU Anesthesiology, candidates should submit all required materials to the “OHSU Transitional Year/Anesthesiology” track in ERAS. Candidates are eligible to also apply to the general (non-joint) match.

When submitting your rank list, use the specific TY/Anesthesiology NRMP number (1599999P2) in your supplemental rank list.

Applications are accepted through the ERAS starting Sept. 1. Interviews for the upcoming season will be conducted virtually on a rolling basis, with the possibility of on-site open houses depending on COVID-19 restrictions. We will also be offering virtual open houses throughout the recruitment season.


For any questions or clarifications about the application process, please do not hesitate to reach out to our program coordinator at

Frequently Asked Questions

How competitive is your program?

As the only Transitional Year residency in the state of Oregon, our match is highly competitive. Last year we received more than 1,000 applications. This year we are recruiting for 6 positions, of which 5 will be filled through our joint matches.

Do you hire outside of the match?

No. All of our positions are filled via the NRMP match.

What qualities are you looking for in your residents

We aim to recruit a diverse group of residents who share our commitment to a robust foundational training. Applicants who intend to complete their advanced training at OHSU, and to ultimately join the Oregon workforce, are highly desirable.

I have an interview scheduled with an advanced program at OHSU; do I still need to submit my application to the TY program?

Yes. Although a separate interview with our program is not required for a joint match, you must still submit your materials to us via ERAS to be considered.

Do you have a graduation year cutoff?

Applicants should have graduated medical school within the past two years.

When are your interviews?

We offer interviews on a rolling basis, typically November through January.

What are the minimum score requirements for Step 1 and Step 2?

We conduct a holistic review of all candidates and have no pre-specified cutoffs for exam scores. All aspect of the application will be considered.

Do you accept COMLEX scores instead of USMLE scores?

Yes, though we recommend submitting USMLE scores in addition to COMLEX.

What letters of recommendation are required?

In addition to the Dean’s Letter/MSPE, we require 3 letters from faculty members of your choosing. These can be the same letters you submit to your advanced program(s).

What salary and benefits do your residents receive?

Residents at Hillsboro Medical Center are employed by OHSU and are members of the OHSU House Officers Union. Please visit the OHSU Office of Graduate Medical Education website to learn more.


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