Financial Assistance

We assist patients with financial need by providing discounts or by waiving all or part of the charges for services provided by Tuality Healthcare.

The program’s criteria and guidelines objectively determine who qualifies for free or reduced-charge services.

The amount of financial assistance that a patient receives under Tuality’s financial assistance program varies depending up individual financial circumstances.

If you would like to be considered for Tuality’s Financial Assistance program, please contact the Tuality Patient Accounting office at 503-681-1000.

Patients seeking financial assistance must fill out the Financial Assistance application form before being considered for assistance.

What if I’m denied financial assistance?

If you are denied assistance and you believe the determination does not accurately reflect your current situation, you may appeal. To request an appeal, please submit a letter explaining why you feel the determination was not appropriate and include further information and clarification to:

Tuality Healthcare
Patient Accounting Office
P.O Box 548
Hillsboro, OR 97123