Primary Care Clinics

Selecting a primary care doctor is the beginning of a lifetime relationship. They put you at the center — with a full range of health care services that are customized around your medical needs and coordinated to fit your busy schedule.

Complete care

Your primary care doctor learns about you – your medical conditions, personal and family medical history, and how much stress you’re experiencing. All of this helps them treat you when you’re sick and recognize changes in your health before you get sick.

In some cases, a nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant might be your primary care provider.

Our family medicine and internal medicine specialists provide:

  • Team-based care from providers who are focused on your health.
  • Annual exams and immunizations for both children and adults.
  • Care of chronic conditions.
  • Minor procedures, like joint injections, skin biopsies, and lump/bump removal.
  • Non-emergency medical problems.
  • Help with referrals when you need to see a specialist.
  • Writing prescriptions.
  • Scheduling lab tests.

Primary care locations

Our primary care clinics are conveniently located close to your home in Western Washington county.

Find a primary care doctor near you

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