Tuality Credentialing Resources

The Medical Staff Office at OHSU Tuality Healthcare receives many inquiries daily regarding the status and standing of a practitioner(s). This website has been created to assist you with verifying hospital affiliation in a timely manner.

Affiliation verification

Due to the volume of requests we are unable to respond to requests received via telephone, mail or fax regarding practitioner(s) status for those practitioners who are serving or have previously served on our staff.

The online primary source affiliation verification provides the following data:

  • Name
  • Initial appointment to staff
  • Current staff status – Open status = currently on staff| Closed status = not currently on staff
  • Effective date of current status
  • Current/last category
  • Specialty
  • Provider’s admitting privilege status

Please note that the system does not include practitioners whose application is “in process” and practitioners who have been given temporary privileges while the application is still “in process”.

Requests for clinical activity can be directed, with a signed release from the reference provider, to medicalstaffoffice@tuality.org.

Statement regarding primary source data on the Tuality Healthcare Medical Staff website

The website is maintained by Tuality Healthcare. The information that is provided on this site is a true and accurate reflection of our credentialing software program and is updated by an individual within the Medical Staff Office at Tuality Healthcare on a continuous basis. Tuality Healthcare requires that any/all information on the Web site shall not be edited or altered in any way by anyone other than individuals in the Medical Staff Office at Tuality Healthcare.

Your organization is responsible for any decisions it may make based on our web site information. It is our intent to provide accurate information and to allow users the ability to obtain primary source verification of hospital affiliation

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