Advance Directives

Oregon’s advance directive is a legal document in which you specify your wishes for medical care and end-of-life treatment. This document lets you inform family, friends, and health care professionals of your wishes, and avoid confusion later on.

Advance Directive Guide

This OHA guide will help you think through your choices and talk about them with your loved ones. By reading and completing the steps in the Planning Guide, you will begin the most important conversation of your life, learn about your options, decide what is right for you and put it in writing.

In the guide there is a form where you indicate which treatments (particularly life-sustaining ones) should be administered, discontinued or withheld if you should lose your decision-making ability. Tuality Healthcare keeps a copy of the form on file and will refer to it in the event that you become unable to make health care decisions for yourself when facing a terminal condition.

Health Care Representative

An advance directive can appoint someone who is at least 18 years old to make medical decisions for the person when that individual is not able to do so.

To appoint another person as a decision-maker, fill out the Appointment of Health Care Representative section in the Planning guide and/or the Center for Medicare or Medcaid form Appointment of Representative.

Download Appointment of Representative form (PDF) »