Internal Medicine Residency Program

The Hillsboro Internal Medicine Residency program at Hillsboro Medical Center, an OHSU partner, trains internists from diverse backgrounds to be leaders in bringing exceptional patient-centered care to local and rural communities. 

The residency program provides three years of training at our medical center located in Hillsboro, Oregon, just 20 miles west of Portland.

Our program offers:

  • Local, community-based experience in general internal medicine with connection to academic resources
  • Mentorship across campuses facilitating career pathways for hospital medicine, fellowship and primary care
  • Balanced schedule facilitating a well-rounded training experience
  • Customizable educational experience across multiple subspecialties
  • Exceptional training environment with OHSU and Hillsboro Medical Center providers
  • Real-world experience caring for the underserved and seasonal workers and their families.
  • Collaboration with local leaders, committed faculty and residents to connect to the community.


The mission of the OHSU Hillsboro Internal Medicine Residency program is to train resilient general internists and leaders equipped to collaborate with diverse interprofessional teams to provide exceptional care for the community.

The OHSU Hillsboro Internal Medicine Residency Program was awarded a training grant to study the impacts of structural racism in our community and to develop a structural competency and anti-racism curriculum for our residents. Our proposal was selected from a pool of hundreds of applications, and was awarded funding to advance healthcare equity in our community.

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Our program

The OHSU Hillsboro Internal Medicine Residency program puts residents at the forefront of delivering and innovating care in an ever-changing health care landscape. They’re immersed in a collaborative learning environment that’s structured around what they want to accomplish.

Our faculty are committed to helping residents build the skills, knowledge and tools required to be exceptional general internists.  Through close mentorship and individualized elective experiences, residents will realize their career goals.

The program ensures our residents meet the needs of patients where they live and work. They’ll experience caring for patients in their homes, rural communities and underserved areas of Oregon.

Our residency program actively engages in our local community. Learn more about our community outreach »

Our hospital

Exterior Hospital

Hillsboro Medical Center is a not-for-profit health care system that includes a 167-bed hospital and state-of-the-art acute care. The hospital is the primary site for the Internal Medicine Residency program.

Hillsboro Medical Center is connected to a network of private and hospital-based clinics that offer additional training opportunities in:

  • Geriatrics
  • Migrant and community health
  • Primary care
  • Rural inpatient and outpatient medicine
  • Subspecialty medicine
  • Treatment of incarcerated individuals

Residents can select electives in rural and underserved rotations in Oregon.

Our community

Salud van with staff in PPE

Hillsboro, Oregon is where Hillsboro Medical Center employees are proud to call home. The downtown area has farmers markets, cultural festivals and craft breweries. Hillsboro is also the front door to Oregon wine country that produces award winning pinot noirs.

If you like the outdoors, there are plenty of areas to hike, cycle or take a short drive to explore the Oregon coast. If the big city is your thing, hop on the Max Train next to the hospital and take a short ride to Portland for incredible live music, amazing food and our favorite bookstore, Powell’s books.

Find out seven reasons why we call Hillsboro home.