Student Placement Process

Thank you for your interest in a clinical placement at Hillsboro Medical Center. To be eligible, a student must be enrolled in an educational program that requires hospital experience before graduation with an accredited school that has a current Affiliation Agreement and Certificate of Insurance with us.

To begin your request, Clinical Education will need the following items for each student and cohort faculty at least 2 weeks prior to the requested start date: (If Full Epic Access is being requested, 4-6 weeks prior)

*Nursing Student documents should be uploaded to Acemapp*

  1. Completed Student Placement request form.
  2. Immunization records: Required; Hep B series, MMR, Tdap, and Varicella. *Recommended; Polio
  3. Receipt for annual seasonal flu vaccine: Required between Oct. 1 – March 31
  4. TB screening results: Tuberculosis TB Skin Test or IGRA Blood test within CDC guidelines.
  5. Substance abuse 10-panel drug screen results: Must include screens for the following eight substances: Amphetamines, including methamphetamines; Barbiturates; Benzodiazepines; Cocaine; Marijuana; Methadone; Opiates; Phencyclidine.
  6. Criminal background check: Must include Social Security Number trace, state/national criminal background history, sex offender registry check, and OIG LEIE check.
  7. Current insurance and liability coverage: Students or health profession programs must demonstrate that students have; Professional liability insurance coverage and general liability insurance coverage, or a combined policy that includes professional and general liability coverage.
  8. Documentation of the following training:
    a.  CPR/Basic Life Support (BLS) for healthcare providers with AHA standards
    b.  Student familiarity with OSHA-recommended safety guidelines
    c.  Bloodborne Pathogen training (OSHA)
    d.  Fire and electrical safety
    e.  Personal protective equipment
    f.  Hazard communications and Infection prevention practices
  9. Acknowledgment that the student has read and understands the most current Clinical Student Handbook
  10. Completed a Student Confidentiality form.

Visit the State of Oregon for details regarding OAR requirements for health profession students undergoing clinical training

Please send all documents to