The starting point for the clinical student placement process and requirements at Tuality is to review the OHSU Tuality Healthcare clinical student handbook.

Clinical Student Handbook (PDF) »

Student forms and documents

Student eligibility

To be eligible for clinical placement, a student must meet each of the following criteria.

  • Be enrolled in an educational program that requires hospital experience before graduation.
  • Be enrolled in a program with a current placement Affiliation Agreement Contract and Certificate of Insurance with Tuality Healthcare.
  • Complete and submit all required placement forms and documents as advised.
  • Read the Tuality Student Handbook/Quiz.

Senior High School student inquiries

At this time, we are only accepting Senior grade level students for internship placements through the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce, School to Work Program.

High school student ages 16 years and older may apply with the Volunteer Services Department for clinical hospital experience opportunities.

Clinical & Allied Healthcare student inquiries

Tuality Healthcare places Clinical and Allied Healthcare students throughout the year. To learn more about Clinical and Allied Healthcare placements, contact the Clinical Education Department at

School faculty or school placement coordinators are responsible to submit the Student Placement Request form to

Nursing Student Inquiries

Tuality Healthcare places cohorts and practicum/capstone Student Nurses throughout the year. To learn more, contact the Clinical Education Department at

School Faculty and/or Student Placement Coordinators are responsible to submit clinical practice placement requests through ACEMAPP.

Student Nurses are required to complete ACEMAPP Tuality specific requirements and attend a Tuality Student Nurse Orientation training class for Electronic Health Records documentation training and Glucometer Competency, prior to their clinical placement start date. Orientation dates are selected by the school clinical placement coordinators and arranged by the facility site. Contact your clinical placement coordinator for your student orientation schedule.

Student nurses who will be expected to administer medications during their clinical experience in an inpatient department are additionally required to register on the BD Learning Compass. Students are required to complete the Pyxis Training Modules: CLP-ES200-N Pyxis Medstation ES System v1.4 Clinician Workflows – Profile and upload their certificate of completion in ACEMAPP.

Read the BD Learning Compass Login Instructions for Nurses »

*The online BD Pyxis Training course is not required for Student Nurses who practice in outpatient services, clinics or in the following departments: Home Health, Hem/Onc Clinic, Wound Care Specialty, Vascular Access Specialty, Diabetes Inpatient/Outpatient Clinic, and in Geriatric Psychiatry.

Tuality Employees As Students

Tuality employees are encouraged and supported to continue their professional education. Please contact the Clinical Education Department for school partnership status and Tuality placement availability. Additionally, employees are directed to meet with the Human Resources Department to learn more about employee education benefits and to determine eligibility for tuition reimbursement, tuition discounts, and scholarship opportunities.

Student FAQ

Can I request my own student placement?

No. All student requests must be submitted by a faculty member and/or student placement coordinator to the Clinical Education Department. Faculty and Placement Coordinators should contact

How do I find out if my school has an Affiliation Agreement or Contract with Tuality Healthcare?

Contact your school’s faculty and/or student placement coordinator for placement contract information.

What types of students does Tuality Healthcare Clinical Education place?

The Clinical Education Department places high school students, clinical students, allied healthcare students, nursing students, and leadership students.

Can I job shadow, observe or follow an employee or a Provider at Tuality Healthcare for just a day or a few hours?

Unfortunately, Clinical Education does not place the general public, non-students or students from schools that do not have a current and valid contract or insurance with Tuality Healthcare for public privacy and safety purposes. However, we’re excited you’re interested in health care and encourage you to contact our Volunteer Services for more opportunities to advance your knowledge and interest in health care services. Contact Volunteer Services at 503-681-1818.