Employees as Students

Clinical Education facilitates the educational development of our staff by helping them achieve a high level of competency required to meet and/or exceed our patients’ needs.

Hillsboro Medical Center encourages academic growth of its employees. If you would like to complete your clinical rotation here, please review Policy C-055E Employees as Students in MCN.

Employees must meet student eligibility for clinical placement. Each of the following criteria must be met:

  • Be enrolled in an educational program that requires hospital experience before graduation.
  • Be enrolled in a program with a current placement Affiliation Agreement Contract and Certificate of Insurance with us. If you are unsure if your school has a current Affiliation Agreement, contact the Clinical Student Program Coordinator at 503-681-1203 or email clinical.education@tuality.org. If there is not a current Agreement with your school this process could take a few months to complete.
  • Complete and submit all required placement forms and documents as advised.
  • Read our Student Handbook.

To begin your Employee as Student placement request, complete the Employee as Student Placement Request Form and return it to Clinical.education@Tuality.org at least 2 weeks prior to your requested start date.