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Ana J. with her newborn daughter and husband. Photo credit to Han Kat Studio.

Expanding your family and still deciding on where exactly to give birth?

Choose Hillsboro Medical Center for exceptional maternity care close to home.

Read our Q & A with new mom, Ana J., to learn why selecting Hillsboro Medical Center was “basically the best decision we ever made.”

Q: Tell us about your family.

My husband and I are Hillsboro residents and both work in the language access industry. We have Charlotte, who is our newborn, and Bazil, who is my 13-year-old stepchild.

Q: Why did you choose Hillsboro Medical Center as the place to give birth to your first child?

We decided to come here because we are literally five minutes away. My baby came to us earlier than expected, so it was just a quick trip to the hospital. We avoided traffic and everything!

Q: What was your prenatal care experience like?

It was really great. I was first seen by Dr. Shaalini Ramanadhan, who confirmed our pregnancy. She was really wonderful in the way she explained the whole process to us.

Q: Did you see any of our midwives during your pregnancy?

A selfie taken by Ana’s husband, Luke, after the delivery of their daughter.

Yes. I had nothing but good experiences with the different midwives that saw us, particularly Kristin Giroux, Beth Dalton and Venay Uecke.

They were really compassionate and kept following up all the way throughout the pregnancy and afterward. They even came to visit us at the hospital.

Q: How did our providers help support your physical and mental health during your pregnancy?  

I think it was a pretty integral experience. Physically, they were checking me and explaining what me and my baby were going to experience at every stage.

They kept checking in on how I was doing emotionally too, even after I gave birth. They were amazing at giving me mental health resources.

Q: What was your birth experience like?

I had my baby shower on January 28 and when we came home, my water broke. I was not expecting it, as I had C-section (Cesarean section) scheduled for February 5.

I called the hospital and they told me to come right away. When I got to Labor and Delivery, Dr. Abigail Liberty was already there at the front desk and explained what was going to happen next.

Q: And what happened next?

It was a quick C-section. My incision was perfect and healed perfectly. You can’t even tell I had a C-section. I was up and running the next day!

The nurses who took care of me afterwards were amazing. They were very professional, but also very empathic. I really liked the relationship that we formed; it was really natural.

The Jones family at Hillsboro Medical Center after the birth of Charlotte.

Q: Did you take any of our Childbirth and Parenting classes to prepare for your pregnancy?

Yes. We took the Childbirth Preparation Workshop. My husband and I enjoyed the class so much.

It was informative, and we went into the delivery room feeling very confident. The price was also super reasonable, so we even took more classes after that.

We signed up for the Breastfeeding Basics and Infant Care Basics class. We continue to touch base with the weekly Baby Club.

Q: Why would you recommend an expecting parent come to Hillsboro Medical Center to give birth?

If they want empathetic, professional care and to feel acknowledged and treated with respect, I 100% recommend Hillsboro Medical Center. I really feel that Hillsboro Medical Center knows what healthcare is about, and to me that’s huge.

Writer: Natasha Lesch


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