Diabetes Group Visits: Flexible Start Dates

Second Thursdays

During the Diabetes Group Visits at Hillsboro Medical Center's South Hillsboro Primary Care Clinic, you will have the opportunity to learn about lifestyle changes that can lead to better control of your diabetes. At each visit, you will have a one-on-one appointment with a doctor, but you will also…

Baby Club - Virtual (Every Monday)

Every Monday

Join our Virtual Baby Club!  Meet other parents and discuss the joys and challenges of parenthood. Discussion topics may include:  normal newborn development, sleep and eating behaviors, and lifestyle changes after baby. To register, please email brenda.kirkpatrick@tuality.org Free, funded by charitable contributions to the Hillsboro Medical Center Foundation

Mended Hearts: For Survivors of Cardiac Disease (first Wednesdays)

First Wednesdays

After heart disease diagnosis or a cardiac event, a rich and rewarding life is still possible. We offer support and hope through Mended Hearts, a program for survivors. Join us for: Peer-to-peer mentoring Advice and guidance from cardiovascular experts Support as you navigate life after a cardiac event …

Alzheimer's Association Online Educational Webinars

Various Dates

These educational webinars are a helpful time to ask questions and gain insight on Alzheimers and Dementia. The Alzheimer's Association will address local programs, resources and ways to get involved. Register online at: https://www.communityresourcefinder.org

Tour of the Women's and Children's Center - Weekly On-Line and In-Person

Variable dates and times

Bring your questions and we will have the answers.  We will cover:  hospital parking and entrance instructions, Braner Family Safety Resource Center, triage, LDRP rooms, NICU, newborn procedures and going home. To register, please email brenda.kirkpatrick@tuality.org for available dates and times.