Our patient education library provides information about orthopedic conditions, orthopedic procedures, and associated postoperative instructions.

Orthopedic Handouts

We have compiled some useful orthopedic PDF handouts for you to download:

Arthritis: Base of Thumb »

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome »

Cast Care Information »

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome »

De Quervain’s Tendonitis »

Dupuytren’s Disease »

Ganglion Cysts »

Gentle Massage for Scar Tissue »

Hand Exercises to Increase Range of Motion, While Reducing Swelling »

Hand Therapy »

Mallet Finger »

Needle Aponeurotomy »

Pediatric Fractures and Vitamin D Levels »

Fracturas de los huesos en la niñez y niveles de vitamina D »

Postoperative Instructions – Dr. Langer »

Postoperative Instructions, Carpal Tunnel – Dr. Langer »

Postoperative Instructions, Trigger Release – Dr. Langer »

Tennis Elbow/Lateral Epicondylitis »

Trigger Finger »

Wound Care Instructions – Dr. Langer »

Wrist Fractures »

Additional Resources

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