Preparing for Your Surgery

Preparing for surgery typically begins with a pre-admission clinic appointment.

In order to prepare you for the operation, a nurse answers your questions and discusses what to expect during your surgery and recovery. X-rays, lab work and other tests will be preformed during this visit.

Discharge plans will be discussed and may include talking with a therapist, dietitian or other health professional. We want to help put you at ease and give you a complete picture of your road to recovery.

Be sure to schedule your visit within two weeks of your surgery date. Your visit will take about one hour.

Pre-operative Services

Our pre-operative services help prepare you for a successful and safe hospital experience. Our team works with you to identify and modify risk factors to ensure the best possible outcome and to prevent last-minute delays and cancellations of surgery.

Arriving for your surgery

Arrange to have someone bring you to the hospital for your surgery. You may choose to use alternative transportation such as a Tri-Met or a cab.