The Anticoagulation Clinic at Hillsboro Medical Center offers treatment for patients on blood thinner medication and at risk of developing blood clots.

Our pharmacists work closely with you and your doctor to manage your anticoagulation therapy. We offer:

  • Blood testing using a finger stick technique which is easier, less invasive, and requires less blood than IV blood draw.
  • International Normalized Ratio (INR) results available within minutes.
  • Advice and education about anticoagulation medication information to provide the safest care possible.
  • Assessment of how other medications, diet supplements, herbals, etc. affect the thickening and thinning of your blood.
  • Coordination of anticoagulation therapy around procedures or surgeries.

Since many medications, foods and health conditions can affect the response to anticoagulant medication, frequent blood tests are required to determine how fast your blood is clotting.

Results are promptly sent to your doctor so they are always aware of how you are doing with your anticoagulation medication.

Appointments and physician referrals

Clinic visits are by appointment only.  A physician referral is required.