“Please thank all the people in ER last night. They were very busy but still treated me well and with compassion. I was thankful they put me in an isolated room. I felt terrible and didn’t want to contaminate anyone.”
– Thomas

” I came in with a post surgery infection. I wanted to thank the doctors and nurses for caring for me. Claire the wound care specialist is awesome. She cared for me like I was her child. With their care I was finally able to beat the infection.”
– Bret

“I would like to thank the staff from the bottom of my heart. They worked very hard to help my mother recover from COVID-19 over the summer.”
– Andre

“I had the best x-ray technician I’ve ever had today. Her name is “Molly.” She was attentive, kind and knowledgeable. Molly made me comfortable and my visit was quick and easy.”
– Anthony

“I would recommend this hospital anytime. My surgeon was the best and all the staff were nothing but kind and compassionate. I had a major operation and was released within 3 days.  Hats off to all the staff Tuality! You’re all the best in my heart. Thank you for taking such great care of me!”
– Cynthia

“Dr. Jeremy Ciporen,  in my opinion, is one of the greatest neurosurgeons ever. It has been six weeks since my surgery. I have not had a bit of pain. I am walking, sitting, doing my therapy. With Dr. Ciporen was Dr. Fred Williams, who is a wonderful vascular surgeon. I could not have better care anywhere in the country than I did with Dr. Ciporen, Dr. Williams and Tuality.
– Audrey

“Needed some stitches after an accident with my trailer. Dropped it in my hand.  Took 16 stitches to close up the gash on my hand. Got right in (to the ER) and got fixed up in an hour or less. The staff was excellent. Stitches come out Monday!  Very pleased with the service and employee attitude.”
– Fred

“Was referred to, and made 4 or 5 visits to your site on Cornell. The site was immaculate and the entire staff was professional, coureous & friendly. Special kudos of appreciation to my PT, Mary Jenkins, and my ortho man, Dr. Roehrich, both of whom were solicitous and personable. They each helped me to feel comfortable and much more than just a patient.”
– Clyde Robertson

“My labor was a very difficult one that involved two days of induction and four hours of active pushing. It could have been a rather traumatic experience, but everything was made better by the quality of care I received from Tuality’s incredibly skillful, kind, and patient nursing staff.”
– Deborah

“I took my mother in tonight to the ER for a TIA. ER staff was excellent. Communication, eye contact, thoughtful.”
– Mary

“A big thank you to ER doc William Powell for his compassionate care. Dr. Powell was wonderful, funny and although I had a 7.6cm ovarian cyst and was not the most comfortable, he managed to make me laugh and didn’t have the God complex that I have been unfortunate enough to experience before moving to OR (Oregon).
– Samantha

“Thank you to all the staff at in the birthing center!! We could not have asked for more. Our room was great and being able to stay in one room the whole time makes everything so easy, also they have a full size bed for dads instead of a fold out chair like other places. Just when we thought that our birth experience could not get better they helped us get all our stuff and our new baby to the car and surprised us with a complete dinner packed to go. If you are looking at hospitals to have your baby go to Tuality, their staff and facility are amazing and you won’t be disappointed.”
– Nick

“I cannot praise your respiratory therapist Erin Seal enough. She walked me through the process of upgrading and understanding my CPAP machine with incredible compassion. Controlling my sleep apnea has allowed me to eliminate medicines for asthma and for high blood pressure and cholesterol, but Erin very patiently taught me ways to achieve even better results.”
– Ken

“During the time he (my brother) was in the ICU, we were very impressed by the professional and compassionate care that he received. A number of his family was with him and the nurses and doctors took the time to explain his condition and to express their concern…Thank you all for your excellent work in helping my brother get through that very difficult time in his life.”
– Charles