With skill and compassion, we are building a healthier community by bringing quality clinical care and unparalleled service to our region in partnership with our patients, doctors and health care professionals.

A Culture of Service to Our Community

Our mission and values statement implies a role for Hillsboro Medical Center that goes beyond providing services to patients. As an integral component of our community, Hillsboro Medical Center’s employees, physicians and volunteers help comprise the very fabric of that community. Some are active representatives in community organizations, functions and events as they perform their professional duties.

Hillsboro Medical Center encourages each person to search for ways to give back to the community—in time, energy and resources—that are personally meaningful, rewarding and enjoyable.

A Culture of Service to Each Other

Serving our patients and our community begins with how we treat and interact with each other in the workplace. The building blocks of our working relationships are:

• People  • Service

• Quality  • Stewardship

These four values, as expressed in our Mission and Values Statement, also shape how we care for our patients and customers, and how we sustain the health of our community.

A Culture of Service to Our Patients


We will care for our patients, their families and each other with understanding, concern and helpfulness because we respect the right and dignity of all individuals. We will follow through as promised, deal honestly and consistently with patients and one another, behave in a professional manner and encourage open communication so that we maintain credibility and respectability.


We will demonstrate quality, compassion, integrity and commitment to our patients, physicians, fellow employees and the community.  We will help patients achieve their best state of health.  We will respond to changes in the community by designing and offering needed programs and services.  We will offer our staff a positive and enriching work experience, support and assist each other and reward excellence among staff members.


We believe that quality means exceeding our customers’ needs, recognizing that customers include patients, their families, physicians and fellow employees.  We understand safety is a top priority which directly impacts the quality of patient outcomes.


We will be stewards to our community by maintaining a well-managed, efficient facility and return those resources in the form of high-quality, cost-effective healthcare services.