We have assembled a video library to help you better understand complex medical issues, learn about treatment options, meet our medical team and view patient stories.

What is prediabetes?

Did you know, if you adopt a healthier lifestyle, you can decrease your risk of getting diabetes? Tuality Healthcare's diabetes educators offer tips in prevention and living a healthier lifestyle.

Bladder preservation treatment

When a cancerous bladder tumor progresses into the lining, it becomes muscle invasive, and traditionally requires cystectomy or removal. The Tuality/OHSU Cancer Center is offering an alternative treatment called Trimodality Therapy to preserve the patient’s bladder.

Categories: Cancer, Doctors, Surgery

Healthy roasting tips for vegetables

Jordan Westling who serves as a Clinical Dietitian for Tuality Healthcare talks about the health benefits of roasting your vegetables as well as quick tips for cooking. 

Categories: Diet & Nutrition

Happy parents at the Tuality Healthcare Birth Unit

Francis "Frank" and Chelsea share their experience of having their baby at Tuality Healthcare's Family Birth Unit.

Categories: Patient Stories

Food trade-offs to help you lose weight

Jordan Westling, clinical dietician, explains how to use food trade-offs to accomplish your weight-loss goals. 

Categories: Diet & Nutrition

Hand Surgery and Therapy

Learn about hand surgery and therapy from our medical professionals at the Tuality Orthopedic, Sports, Spine and Rehabilitation Center.

Categories: Surgery

Ed and Jack's cancer patient stories

Ed Schaefer and Jack Crickmer share their stories of the care they received from the Tuality/OHSU Cancer Center.

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3-D mammography

Tomosynthesis, also known as 3-D mammography, is now offered at the Tuality Healthcare Breast Health Center.