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Let me begin by saying that I was above and beyond impressed with my experience at Orenco Station Medical Clinic and Dr. Prakash’s team regarding a recent visit.

It began while I was headed home from work. Normal day, normal journey home. I made my bus connection and upon sitting down, wham, I was in debilitating pain. It hurt so bad that I couldn’t sit and begin to worry. What happened in that split second? Did I pull a muscle sitting down? Was it my kidneys?  Am I dying? Something was certainly not right.

I got home and realized it was after hours for any doctor’s office. I picked up my phone to leave a message on a clinic’s voice message service and within 30 minutes Jessica Hart returned my call. She spent 25 minutes with me discussing what was going on with my health. (Above and beyond for after hours. Thank you, Jessica). She took detailed notes, updated me on what would be best to do through the course of the evening regarding my symptoms and we closed the call. It was a rough night but I avoided going to the Emergency Room.

At 7:30 a.m., I walked into the Orenco Medical Stations Clinic without an appointment and hoping a doctor would be able to see me. I knew that would be no easy feat. They were busy and still somehow managed to get me in at 8 a.m. (Again so impressed). Not only did each person listen to what I had to say, they all communicated well with each other and I didn’t need to repeat the situation over and over as each person came in. Everyone was diligent, caring, compassionate and professional.

So kudos to Dr. Prakash and the entire staff at Orenco Station Medical Clinic for taking care of me. Each of you deserves a thank you! It was a wonderful team effort. I am proud to have you as my medical home.

– Sarah

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