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In 2011, Olivia Alcaire’s father had heart surgery at a local hospital. During surgery, he suffered a stroke, seizure, and complications. Olivia asked his physicians why he had the stroke. The first doctor told her it was a result of complications; the second doctor had no answer. The family was disappointed with their response. They were seeking answers and empathy, but felt they did not receive either. 

Eventually he was brought to Tuality Community Hospital where Olivia and her family felt very comfortable, and as a Latino family, appreciated the diversity. Upon discharge, he entered a rehabilitation facility.

While there, he had a seizure and returned to the first hospital. The family was told it was possible he wouldn’t recover. Before they had a chance to discuss anything with the doctors, they were handed a skilled nursing facility brochure. While this might have been standard practice, they felt it was culturally inappropriate. 

Her father wanted to go home, and the family felt that he would be loved and cared for better by them instead of in a facility. He continued rehabilitation, and due to a complication during treatment, was sent to Tuality Healthcare’s Emergency Department. 

Olivia says they felt a difference at Tuality Healthcare. The rooms were cozy and it was comforting to have him closer to home. The care providers they met and saw regularly asked how they were doing, and were more personal and genuine in their interactions. She felt like she could ask questions and get the answers she sought. Tuality Healthcare felt calmer and less intimidating to her and her family.

Having Latino staff in the Emergency Department meant she didn’t have to explain cultural preferences for her father’s care. After his release, Olivia and her niece continued to care for him at home in the months that followed until his death in 2013. 

When Olivia’s mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, she and her niece began caring for her. They don’t regret for a moment their choice to care for her parents. Olivia realizes that someday she may need services herself. She will choose Tuality Healthcare for many reasons—the proximity to her home, the medical care team’s empathy and communication with her and her family, and Tuality’s diversity pledge to the community.

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