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Samantha Manz spent a late-summer evening in Portland studying with a friend. As she was driving home to Seaside, she experienced extreme pain in her pelvic region which caused her to pull over twice.

She decided to go to the Emergency Department at Tuality Forest Grove Hospital. The Forest Grove ED physician suspected it could be an ovaries issue and recommended transfer to the main campus in Hillsboro for an ultrasound.

When she arrived at Tuality’s Hillsboro Emergency Department, Dr. William Powell came out into the waiting room, greeted her, and brought her back into an exam room.

“Dr. Powell personally came out and got me even with a packed ER waiting room,” said Manz. “He was friendly, broke the ice, and told me he didn’t want me to wait.”

Powell offered her pain and anti-nausea medicine to comfort her. Because of the potential seriousness of her condition, she received an ultrasound immediately.

Once she received her ultrasound, Powell determined she had a cyst on her ovaries, about the size of a grapefruit. Powell was concerned because the cyst was slightly ruptured, causing an infection risk. Powell referred her to Dr. Michael Adler, an obstetrics/gynecology physician in Seaside, who performed surgery to partially remove the cyst and cauterize the thyroid pelvic adhesions.

“Dr. Powell explained to me that if I were his daughter, he would want me to go see an OB/GYN physician,” Manz said. “There was something about how he made me feel comfortable, and like I was family and someone he cared about.”

Manz’s health has improved significantly since the surgery. She now takes one pill daily for hormones, is an avid hiker, and spends time with her dog at the beach. “He showed compassion and went above and beyond to make me comfortable during my stay,” Manz said.

“I love what I do and try to find connections with my patients” Powell said. “It is important to be human with them and find ways to identify with their situation.”

Powell explained that he looks for ways to connect on a personal level with patients and make them comfortable during their stay in the Emergency Department. If they are veterans, he thanks them for their service and talks to them about his military experience. If he is seeing a younger patient, he always takes time to relate to and comfort the parents because he has four kids of his own.

“I sit down with them, ask follow-up questions, and build rapport with patients to make them comfortable and reduce anxiety,” Powell said.

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