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When a patient has a good experience with their provider, sometimes it goes beyond simply treating the disease or condition. For Crystal Schexnayder of Hillsboro Oregon, she looks at the overall patient experience as an indicator of quality care. Did the doctor listen to her and respect her wishes? Did the doctor spend ample time during the exam and schedule prompt follow-up appointments? Was the staff friendly, timely, and helpful to her needs? These are a few traits she looks for in a quality physician and patient experience.

When Crystal first met Dr. Manny Karlin at Westside Medical Clinic, she had seen numerous doctors for high blood pressure with little improvement to the symptoms she was experiencing. She eventually became frustrated with her patient experiences and stopped going to the doctor.

Dr. Manny Karlin examined her for high blood pressure, chronic pain and congestive heart failure. “She presented with certainly some serious conditions related to her heart,” said Manny Karlin who serves as an Internal Medicine Physician with Westside Medical Clinic. “But also she had, well it might be considered less serious, it still was quite a significant impact on her life because she has chronic pain as well.”

After his initial examination with Crystal, he recommended changing her medicine, diet, and increasing her exercise levels gradually to get her symptoms under control. “It’s really a lifestyle change,” Schexnayder said. “You have to give up some stuff to get better.” She has also cut sodium out of her diet and walks regularly to help keep her blood pressure at a manageable level. “I am on a whole different spectrum of medicine that’s actually working for me,” Schexnayder said. “I have been through this one and that one, they aren’t working so let’s get away from that and do something new.”

Dr. Karlin focused on controlling Crystal’s heart condition first then getting a handle on her chronic pain. Crystal now goes in regularly for follow-up exams to monitor and manage her heart condition and keep track of her health. “I examine her most every time we come in here other than just talking to make sure her heart and lungs sound good, and to see how she is able to move, to see how she walks, and holds herself just sitting here in the exam room,” Karlin said.

Crystal has now learned better ways to control and manage her pain and the symptoms she was experiencing from her heart. “Her outlook looks really good because she’s working, that’s really to her favor,” Karlin said. “She works hard at keeping track of herself and keeping active and so I am pretty optimistic for her. I think she’s the one that’s going to be the key to her own life and her own personality is such that she is going to do quite well.”

“This is my Tuality Healthcare you know, I have an excellent team with Dr. Karlin and his staff. It’s like family,” Schexnayder said. 

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