Osteoporosis makes your bones weak and more likely to break. Anyone can develop osteoporosis, but it is common in older women. As many as half of all women and a quarter of men older than 50 will break a bone due to osteoporosis.
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American Cancer Society – Breast Cancer

Thanks to the American Cancer Society and dramatic improvements in cancer research, treatment and early detection, millions of women are surviving breast cancer today.
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National Cancer Institute

The National Cancer Institute is one the nation’s trusted sources for cancer information.
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Susan G. Komen – The Breast Cancer Journey

Breast cancer is a journey of many stages. And no matter where you are in that journey, they can help you through it.
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Are You Dense

The mission of Are You Dense, Inc. is to educate the public about the risks and screening challenges of dense breast tissue and its impact on missed, delayed and advanced stage breast cancer to reduce advanced disease and mortality.
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