Faculty and Placement Coordinators

Email student placement requests and other questions to clinical.education@tuality.org.

Student and Faculty forms and handbook

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Faculty and Placement Coordinators

Nursing School Clinical Coordinators should register with ACEMAPP to complete all student placement requests and upload student required OAR documentation at www.acemapp.org

Non-Nursing School Clinical Coordinators should complete and submit the student placement forms and email supporting documentation to clinical.education@tuality.org.

In accordance with the Oregon Health Authority administrative requirements for Health Professional student clinical training, the following non-nursing clinical placement documents are required for each student and faculty member on site requested by the schools clinical coordinator or attestation.

On-site Student and Faculty Members 

Clinical Coordinator

  • Signs and submits a Student Placement Request for each student and faculty member on site.
  • Submits background check (Clear background check, submitted by the school/student or PASSPORT).
  • Submits immunizations + PPD (Full immunization history needed before start date submitted by the school/student or PASSPORT).
  • Submits proof or receipt of annual flu vaccination with date and location. Required after Oct 1st and prior to May 31st annually.
  • Submits 10-panel drug screen.
  • Submits course name and/or clinical objectives.
  • Verifies their unexpired school certificate of insurance, for each terms audit requirement.

Faculty/Placement Coordinator FAQ

Note: these questions apply only to faculty members and/or placement coordinators from accredited schools.

I am interested in initiating or renewing a school contract affiliation with Tuality Healthcare. Whom do I contact?

Contact clinical.education@tuality.org for further information about processing or renewing a contract with Tuality Healthcare.
I am a faculty placement coordinator and our school/program has a current contract with Tuality Healthcare. I am ready to submit our student requests for the upcoming term or semester. What steps do I take to request student placements and what forms or do?

The first step is for the faculty placement coordinator to directly contact a Tuality Clinical Education Specialist with your interest in placing a clinical student or cohort of students at Tuality Healthcare by emailing us your interests, clinical dates and department/s to clinical.education@tuality.org. A Clinical Education Specialist will review all requests and provide faculty placement coordinators with current or upcoming availability for each term or semester. After student clinical placement availability and individual preceptors have been identified by our Clinical Education Specialists through Tuality management approval, faculty will be notified. We ask that faculty placement coordinators contact a Clinical Education Specialist to request and coordinate placement availability, and deter from contacting the department or unit managers to arrange clinical placements at Tuality Healthcare.

The second step is for faculty placement coordinators to complete and email the Tuality Faculty Checklist for Student Placement Forms located on this page, for each individual student that has been approved for placement to clinical.education@tuality.org to begin system setup and complete the student clearance process. Faculty placement coordinators will be emailed when student have been cleared and will be provided with student Tuality user ids and passwords, if applicable. A Tuality Clinical Education Specialist will work with faculty placement coordinators to schedule a Tuality Student Orientation training date for their students (if applicable), *Note: Student Orientation Training is required for all Nursing Student placements prior to clinical practice.

The final step is for faculty placement coordinators provide their students with the Tuality Clinical Handbook and Tuality Student Checklist for Clinical Placement form, which is also located on this page. Each student approved for placement must complete, sign and email the Tuality Student Checklist for Clinical Placement form back to clinical.education@tuality.org to complete the intake process. It is the expectation that school faculty placement coordinators continue to communicate with their students on all required placement forms, inform students the scheduled orientation dates and times and give students their assigned user ids and passwords, if applicable.

My school has a current contract with Tuality Healthcare. How far in advance must I send student placement requests?

All paperwork must be submitted prior to the start date of students on campus for clinical placement student orientation scheduling. Clinical Education recommends you start the placement process with the initial placement request at least four weeks prior to the start of the placement.