Standards for Success

We believe that employees who possess the following “Standards for Success,” which are comprised of four fundamental values, will contribute to a workplace where employees and volunteers want to work, patients want to receive care, and physicians want to practice.


We serve our patients and our community beginning with how we treat each other.

  • Communicate with integrity. Be open, honest, respectful and timely.
  • Create a community of inclusion. Honor, respect and value the contributions and different perspectives of others.
  • Expect the best. Hold myself and others accountable for actions and meeting expectations.
  • Collaborate for solutions. Work together to leverage team members’ strengths to provide optimal solutions.
  • Develop ourselves and each other.  Share experience and knowledge to help everyone succeed


We demonstrate quality, compassion, integrity and commitment to our patients, physicians, co-workers and the  community.

  • Provide Patient/Family Centered Care. Be responsive to the needs of our patients and families using AIDET to create an exceptional experience.
  • Provide a Safe Environment. Create an environment that is safe, comfortable and clean.
  • Honor Privacy. Safeguard patient confidentiality and privacy.
  • Own Mistakes. Use ACT (Acknowledge, Correct & Thank) as a guide to take ownership and apologize when expectations are not met.


We recognize that every employee makes unique contributions toward making us a provider of choice.

  • Manage Resources Wisely. Maximize your work time, resources and energy effectively.
  • Focus on Improvement. Actively look for opportunities to improve services.
  • Participate in the Community. Engage in opportunities to give back and volunteer in our community.


We value the quality of each experience and encounter.

  • Focus on the Patient Experience. Provide patient-centered care that is respectful and responsive to patient preferences, needs and values.
  • Provide Timely & Effective Care. Do the right thing at the right time for the right reason.
  • Promote Safety. Commit to safety, making appropriate choices and asking for help when needed.